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The majority of the information used on can be found on From the - "Treatment of Bipolar Disorder: A Guide for Patients and Families".

Thanks to The Norfolk Mental Health Care NHS Trust - Some information I was given was also used on this site.

An in-depth site about the early-onset of bipolar disorder. The Balanced Mind Foundation guides families raising children with mood disorders to the answers, support and stability they seek. - The Mental Health Foundation's website.

The UK's National association for Mental Health. The leading mental health charity in England and Wales: - The Manic Depression Fellowship.

The official Alcoholics Anonymous website for the UK. - The Depression Alliance is the leading UK charity for people affected by depression. The charity is currently supported by Stephen Fry and Jo Brand. - Manic depression plagued Andy Behrman, author of "Electroboy" a young bipolar man who had 19 electroshocks and lost memory after involvement in counterfeiting, jail time, house arrest, hospitalization, and finally into healing. - An unusual autobiography that is a positive account of living with and learning to manage a manic/depression/bipolar disorder and highlights the importance of good psychiatric treatment, the role of support and the value of self management as vital aids to recovery and stabilising the condition. An engaging, informative and, on occasion, amusing autobiography, it offers hope and reassurance.

Lancashire Early Intervention Service - The service is designed to ensure better, more effective treatment for people in the early stages of mental illness and reassure service-users, between the ages of 16-35, about their recovery. Promoting Optimism through to Recovery.


Thanks to:

The British Association for Behavioural and Cognitive Psychotherapies for their thought provoking leaflet.

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services(National Institutes of Health) for use of information from their pamphlet.

A BIG BIG THANKS to my MUM for looking after me during my episodes of bipolar disorder, and seeing me through my darkest hours. You're the greatest!! Also a big thanks to rest of my family for support and encouragement. Thanks to Paula and Andy for braving my digs at Stoke-On-Trent to recover my possessions! Thanks to my brother Nigel for his knowledge and wisdom(and not just in computers!). Thanks Bro!

The bipolar disorder group I attended. If it wasn't for the group you wouldn't be reading this right now. Thanks Dr Anne Palmer(Consultant Clinical Psychologist) who ran the group for the information and support. Also to Brigette Williams, Stephen Bazire and all the people who attended the group(you know who you are ;-).

Thanks to everyone at B.T.C.V. Norwich for helping me to get back on my feet and into the community. Long live the Norfolk Conservation Project and their world renowned Jolly days! Go to for more information.

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© Mark Hannant
Published 2nd May 2001