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Recommended Bipolar Books

Welcome to my Bipolar Disorder book page. Here you can find a wide range of recommended Bipolar Books. They include people's accounts of the illness and how it affected them and their family and there's also a good range of factual guides too. Hover over the links to see book reviews. New: Bipolar DVDs and videos section added.

List of suggested books on Bipolar:-
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Diary of a Bipolar SurvivorNEW!
Added 16th March 2014

Elaine Fogarty shares a compelling glimpse into the world of mental illness. Spanning 30 years, the book uses a casual and inviting style sharing poetry, journals, meditations and Q&A - the unapologetic musings of a bipolar mind. All royalties go to The Samaritans.

Diary of a Bipolar Survivor
Diary of a Bipolar Survivor

Tearing Down The Layers
Kindle Edition - Added 4th Jan 2014

Tony Abbs shares his journey before, during and after his experiences with terminal BiPolar disorder. The book explains his own unique, self management solution which helped him turn from sufferer, to carer, to employee.

Tearing Down The Layers
Tearing Down The Layers

"How I battled the demons of Bipolar disorder"
Kindle Edition - Added 1st July 2013

A 43 page Kindle eBook about how John Wright battled his demons with Bipolar Disorder.

How I battled the demons of Bipolar disorder
How I battled the demons of Bipolar disorder

Published by CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform - 19 Aug 2012

A personal account of a John Barrett and his diagnosis of Bipolar Disorder at the age of fourty.

Get the Bipolar.....Me?

"Become Your Own Bipolar Life Coach"
Published by Grosvenor House Publishing Ltd (24 July 2012)

The author of this book has spent years, living with, managing, and learning about her bipolar disorder. Become Your Own Bipolar Life Coach is “a positive message to those dealing with the curve balls that living with bipolar disorder can throw…. a message of practical hope”.

Become Your Own Bipolar Life Coach
Get Become Your Own Bipolar Life Coach

"Bipolar Disorder - The Ultimate Guide"
Published by Oneworld Publications

With a helpful question and answer format, this invaluable guide reveals everything there is to know about the condition, and shows how to keep it firmly under control.

Bipolar Disorder - The Ultimate Guide
Get the Bipola

"BrainBomb: A Lurid Story of Bi-Polar Illness"
Published by Chipmunka publishing

The story charts the mental decline of an outwardly healthy individual. Although it's a disturbing subject of bipolar meltdown there are some hilarious moments and the book paints an ultimately positive picture of the aftermath of a nervous breakdown. Set against the punk and club scenes in Edinburgh, UK

BrainBomb: A Lurid Story of Bi-Polar Illness

"A Balancing Act" - help and coping strategies for those who care for people with manic depression
Published by Manic Depression Fellowship
The Balancing Act : Getting and Keeping...
"A Brilliant Madness" - by Patty Duke and Gloria Hochman
Published by Bantam Books
A Brilliant Madness : Living With...
"An Unquiet Mind" - by Kay Redfield Jamison
Published by Picador
An Unquiet Mind cover
"Bipolar Puzzle Solution" - by Bryan A Count and Gerald Nelson
Published by Nelson(1997)
Bipolar Puzzle Solution
"Crazy Lady (Without The Cats)" - by Clare Hill
Published by
Crazy Lady (Without The Cats)
"Coping with Depression and Elation" - by Patrick McKeon
Published by Sheldon Press

"Dear World: A Suicide Letter" - by Paul E. Jones
Published by Trafford

"Depression - The Way Out of Your Prison" - by Dorothy Rowe
Published by Routledge
"Depression and How to Survive it" - by Spike Milligan
Published by Arrow
Depression and How to Survive It cover
"Diamonds Behind my Eyes" - by Nicola Pagett
Published by Gollancz

Diamonds Behind My Eyes

"Diary of A Bipolar" - by Alexander Scott
Published by Lightning Source UK Ltd
Diary of a Young Bipolar
"Down with Gloom or How to Defeat Depression" - by Prof. Brice Pitt
Published by Gaskill
"Electroboy: A Memoir of Mania" - by Andy Behrman
Published by Penguin Books
"Finding the Still Point" - by Gerald O'Mahony
Published by Eagle - Guildford, Surrey
Finding the Still Point
"Inside Out" - a guide to self-management of manic depression
Published by Manic Depression Fellowship
"Invisible Driving" - An Unprecedented Memoir of Manic Depression
"Living with Mental Illness" - by E Kuipers and P.Bebbington
Published by Condor Book Souvenir Press(1997)
Living with Mental Illness
"Loving Someone with Bipolar Disorder: Understanding and Helping Your Partner" - by Julie A Fast and John Preston
Published by New Harbinger Publications

Loving Someone with Bipolar Disorder:...

"Malignant Sadness" - by Lewis Wolpert
Published by Faber and Faber(1999)
Malignant Sadness cover
"Moodswing" - by Dr Ronald Fieve
Published by Bantam Books
Moodswing : Dr Fieve on Depression
"Prozac Nation: Young and Depressed in America" - by Elizabeth Wurtzel
Published by Quartet Books Ltd
"Questions and Answers about Depression and its Treatment" - by Ivan K Golberg
Published by the Charles Press(1993)
"The Bipolar Disoder Survival Guide" - by David J Miklowitz
Published by the Guildford Press
The Bipolar Disorder Survival Guide:...  
"The Hypomanic Edge : The Link Between (A Little) Craziness and (A Lot of) Success in America" - by John D. Gartner
Published by the Simon & Schuster

"The Naked Bird Watcher" - by Suzy Johston
Published by the Cairn

An unusual autobiography that is a positive account of living with and learning to manage a manic/depression/bipolar disorder and highlights the importance of good psychiatric treatment, the role of support and the value of self management as vital aids to recovery and stabilising the condition. An engaging, informative and, on occasion, amusing autobiography, it offers hope and reassurance.

The Naked Bird Watcher
"The Tortured mind" - The many faces of Manic Depression by Daniel Harmon
Published by Chelsea House Publishers(1998)
The Tortured Mind
"Touched by Fire" - by Kay Redfield Jamison
Published by Free(USA)
"To Walk On Eggshells" - by Jean Johnston
Published by the Cairn
"Win the Battle" - the 3-Step Lifesaving Formula to conquer Depression and Bipolar Disorder by Bob Olson
Published by Chandler House Press(1999)
Win the Battle : The 3-Step Lifesaving...

Bipolar DVDs and Videos

Bipolar Disorder and Manic Depression Books.

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